Région(s) : Montréal

Although I was unaware of the label it merited, I have been practicing forest bathing for most of my adult life. The forest is where I have always gone to replenish, refresh, and re-energize myself physically, emotionally and mentally.

It is where I go to ask questions, answer questions, and get inspired. Forests have always been a source of focus for me, a place to unbridle my mind to allow for mental clarity and emotional cleansing. 

As an apprentice Shinrin Yoku guide, I aspire to guide you to the sights, smells, feel and energy that the forests provide to each of us, once we take the time… to take our time.

With each session, I aim to educate our participants about the specific and unique benefits of forest bathing, and in particular, the benefits of protecting our forests—urban, suburban and regional. The majority of my practice focuses on promoting these benefits within corporate and education milieus as a means to engage employees and improve their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

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